PokerCruncher - Expert - Odds的游戏介绍

*** A BIG new expert-level feature: Color-Coded Groups In Hand Ranges *** (6th screenshot)

The App Store’s top Texas Hold’em odds/equity calculator.

(The *Expert* version of PokerCruncher.)

Take your game to the next level with PokerCruncher, an expert professional-level hand ranges and flop/turn/river texture analysis Texas Hold’em odds/equity calculator that goes well beyond the standard features.

*** Video tutorial on our website ***

*** Pay once and enjoy forever ***

No in-app purchases/fees.

Continual improvement for many years.

Great reviews from poker experts, pros, and coaches, and on our TwoPlusTwo forum thread.

(See our website.)

--> Super fast and easy to use for basic hand matchups.

--> Advanced features like hand ranges, Deal-To-Flop/Turn/River, flop/turn/river texture analysis, and many stats for serious strategy analysis.

--> Additional, expert-level features like range equity distribution graphs, many top x% hand orderings, %age weights in hand ranges, color-coded groups in hand ranges, filter range, and next card heat map.

--> Tutorial, videos.

Most poker odds/equity calc apps are nowhere as powerful as PokerCruncher. Some don’t even support random hands (let alone hand ranges), some don’t let you enter hands for multiple players, some make an incomplete attempt at hand ranges, …

PokerCruncher is the full real deal, and has a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Start using PokerCruncher today to improve your game and your results!

--- Redesigned and Improved for Mac ---

Additional, expert-level features.


iPhone, iPad, and Mac(Expert) versions available


--- Completely General ---

Up to 10 players, with specific cards, random/unknown cards, or hand ranges for each player. Dead cards, %age’s or n:1 odds, …

--- Fully General Hand Ranges ---

Poker is a game of incomplete information; we need to think in terms of *ranges of hands*. PokerCruncher surpasses the standard features, e.g. range equity breakdown heat maps and hand combo stats, range equity distribution graphs, many top x% hand orderings, %age weights in hand ranges, color-coded groups in hand ranges, and filter range. Full grid of all 169 starting hands (also text field entry), top x% of hands slider, select hand combos (suits and weights) in hand ranges, extensive built-in hand ranges, save/load and export/import hand ranges, …


Deal-To-Flop/Turn/River and Flop/Turn/River Texture Analysis

Many Stats


Hand type stats (OnePair, TwoPair, etc.), flop/turn/river hit stats, odds for flopping/turning draws and combination draws, OnePair breakdown stats, customizable \