One Click M3U8的应用介绍

Creating Deployment Ready HTTP Live Streaming Video is just a click away!

Super Simple to use. Just Open and Save. That’s it!

Stream your video from an ordinary HTTP server to any mobile device.

● One stop solution. Creates .ts, .m3u8 & .html. No other Tools needed.

● Adheres to Apple recommended HLS Authoring specifications for creating adaptive bit-rate HTTP Live Streaming Video from the source video’s bitrate and resolution.

● Encoding, Segmenting & Indexing all in one tool.

● Creates deployment ready HLS Video with multiple alternate streams at different bit rates.

● Ability to specify target duration & fps of output .m3u8

● Ability to specify bit-rate, resolution and video profile of any particular stream.

● Choose from 2 Modes. Fragmented ‘.ts’ (HLS3) or ByteRange ‘.ts’ (HLS4)

● Option to selectively encode only desired streams(gears) for a variant playlist.

● Availability of Process Queue, so that several videos can be batch processed.

● Output master variant playlist ‘.m3u8’ validated with Apple’s mediastreamvalidator.

● Availability of Audio only Stream for low bandwidth connections.

● No need for mediafilesegmenter or variantplaylistcreator.

● Creates HTML video-js wrapper, so that the created HLS Video can be viewed locally before deploying to remote HTTP Server.

● Supports most widely used input video formats such as .mp4, .m4v, .mkv, .avi, etc.,

Contact developer from the app itself for excellent customer support.